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Getting married in Cyprus?

ECW(Eleonora Cyprus Weddings blog, has so many things to propose to you, to live The Greek wedding to the full. (Cyprus is a Greek island) First of all, are you planning of having your wedding with a traditional touch? If yes, this article is for you.

1. Choosing the right venue for your special day

Either you choose a chappel or a historical or village traditional venue, you always have in mind the colors of Greek islands!!!

There are hundreds of Chappels to have your ceremony at.

If you choose to book a winery for your wedding, we have plenty to recommend to you..

What more of a "traditional bridal transfer"!!!!

Go for it !!!!

Live, your Destination Cyprus Wedding to the maximum!!!

You can have basil and lavender for your theme...

Have the cypriot dancers and enjoy the Cyprus culture...

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